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The Vancouver Island Fruit Lands Ltd.


Road Clearing

The Vancouver Island Fruit Land Ltd. Was formed in 1911, by concession from the E&N Railway to colonize the land holdings. The terms of concession allowed the company to subdivide and construct roads to each farm.  It was expected that each farmer would take plots of a minimum of 10 acres.

The land was sub-divided into parcels of 10 to 40 acres.  Speculation was strictly discouraged by only selling to those that wanted to settle and improve the land.

Vancouver Island was touted as the home of ‘mixed farming’. 

A book was produced “Farming in Vancouver Island” that was distributed to people interested in the purchasing the land.  The book provided guidance to the prospective settlers, helping them find lodging, implements that they would require, the best usage of the land and to assist in finding further employment.  It also outlined the requirements for each settler. Climate and growing conditions were documented.  Overall, the book proved a ‘glowing’ description of the land and climate.

A copy of this book can be found through the UBC Library


Vancouver Island Fruit Lands Ltd. - Land Clearing Crew (1910)


Farming in Vancouver Island

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Port Alberni

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