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French Creek School Quilt

Many thanks to all the community members who took the time to share their memories of French Creek School for its 100th Anniversary in 2012. From the vision of a Heritage Quilt to the unveiling of this finished project this has been a rewarding experience. We received a wide variety of quilt squares along with their precious memories. This attests to the strong connection we all have with the community of Coombs and with the French Creek School in particular. Participants ranged from students to seniors, many representing local pioneer families. We are thrilled with the quilt and know you will be too.

Happy 100th Anniversary to the Little School with the Big Heart!

Colleen Lucas, Diane Duncan and Deidre Bjornson


A Cute Little Boy

Marian (Tudge) Korman

In September of 1976 a little girl who loved horses began Grade 1 at French Creek School. To a six-year-old it seemed like a big school with lots of kids but there ...


Angel Friends

Kim Howse

One of my proudest memories of my time teaching at French Creek School happened right after 9/11. All the students in the school ...


Big Yellow Bus

Linda Rehlinger

We moved to Coombs in 1977 after living on the mainland most of our lives. Neither Nick nor I had ever experienced going to school via ...


Cedar Tree

Gay Lynn Farkas

One of my favorite memories of French Creek School was the large cedar tree at the back of the baseball ...


Coombs Fall Fair

Aldene McFeely and daughter Heather Morris

I lived in Parksville and from about eight years old my friends and I would ride our bikes out to the Coombs Fair. I don’t think we ever missed. My grand-daughter was in Kindergarten at FCCS and loved the school. I wish there were more schools like this.


Dad's Right

Julia Paterson Meninga

It was a very cold and frosty morning and my husband Alfred, who grew up in Montreal, had warned our children never to put their ...



Mary Parker (Agensen)

This is our family’s first picture at French Creek School. We had moved to Coombs from Mayerthorpe, Alberta. Brother: Leo (Back 5), Sister: Julia (Front 10) & Me: Front 7


A School with a Heart

Susan Kozielecki

My quilt square represents how FCCS is a school with a heart that enables students to grow and learn while also recognizing individual learner’s needs.



Ayden Holmes

My favourite memory of French Creek School was the Grade 5 trip to Barkerville. In the spring of 2009 Mr Anders took ...


Big and Little Rooms

Maxine (Cox) Heppell

John and Jessie Cox had a small dairy farm in Coombs and all six of us children (Beryl, Maxine, Weston, Sharon, Norma and Donna) went to French Creek School. Mom and Dad were involved in the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) so we knew we had to be on good behaviour at the school. The first four kids had Mrs. Armstrong (who had a dog named Bowser) to start us on the road to our education. She was the kind and loving primary teacher in the Little Room who made our first few years of school so welcoming and enjoyable. Then for our junior years we went to the Big Room with Mrs. Reddyhoff, the principal, being our teacher. She was a starchy, stern and very strict educator who was now preparing us for the real world. We were ...



Barbara Friedl

More than the Elementary School experience at French Creek School for me was the bigger experience of childhood. I started in ...


Coombs Hall

Rose Brittain

Before the French Creek School gym was built in 1975 all concerts and special events for the school were held at the ...


Different Hats

Marian (Tudge) Korman

One of my favourite memories of French Creek Elementary School was when Mrs. King would visit the school. She was a member of the community who would come to the school, usually in the afternoon, and entertain the students with her lively harmonica music. We would sit around her on the gym floor and all clap along. She wore ...


4 Generations of the Neden Family

Sylvia Neden

Daniel Neden’s grade 4 class – as a mother helper we built 28 gingerbread houses. The students enjoyed it so much, it was a special craft and was done for many years in Mrs. Williams’ class. French Creek Elementary School was a special environment to be creative, inspired, grow and explore. Four generations of the Neden family have gone to French Creek Elementary School and with pride. Grandparents, aunties, uncles, cousins all shared in Teddy Bear picnics, school camping ...


An Apple for My Teachers

Leslie Van Horne

In 1928 my grandparents, Matt and Alice Van Horne, settled in Coombs. They raised their 10 children on their homestead on Grafton ...


Beavers and Raccoons

Teresa Dutton (Korman)

In the 1981-’82 school year French Creek School had two T-ball teams. They were called the Beavers and the Raccoons. Our uniforms were t-shirts with a design of the individual animals. It was so much fun. Our coach asked us: “Do you know why I’m coaching T-ball to you guys?” “No,” we said. “It’s because you are the only ones I can beat running from third base to home!”


Canadian Flage

Mary Parker (Ageson)

In 1963 when newly elected Prime Minister Lester Pearson promised to give Canada its own distinct national flag, few would have guessed ...


Christmas for My Family

Nancy Korman

We were able to attend numerous Christmas concerts at French Creek School. There were those with “First Noel” and “Joy to the World.” There were those with Santa, reindeer and “Frosty the Snowman.” “Charlie Brown” was staged one night and there was a great production of “Polar Express.” I could go on and on. There was no favourite concert. The magic ...


Coombs Store

Linda Wray

My memory is of children from French Creek School coming to visit us at the Coombs General Store. My husband Gene and I ...

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