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The Role Call of Coombs

Out from Nanaimo on Vancouver Isle,

On the road to Alberni, remain for a while

at the village of Coombs, to take in the sights.

And fill up your gas-tank at Baker's or Knight's.

Proud Arrowsmith greets you, the Beauforts stretch far,

But ere you go further, stay right where you are

And listen a moment - your attention we seek

To the roll-call of Coombs on the banks of French Creek.

We cherish our neighbors, we love dear old Forde,

A real pioneer and a man of his word;

We've a Bond of affection with all that is Best,

And we feel Wright at home where the East meets the West.

We ne'er Foster hard feelings, and seldom feel Lowe,

Our good neighbor Christian would have it just so;

Sin-not was our motto, and tho' we've a Pitt,

It's not the dread place with no bottom it it!

On the "Stanley K" ranch we've a bachelor King

Who'll ne'er abdicate tho' the wedding bells ring;

The Fishers, the Taylors, the Smiths and the Clarks

Are Moore-d right here mid our natural Park(e)s.

"The Campbell's are coming" you've oft heard folks say,

Great Scott, man, they've landed, they're right here to stay.

The Nelsons, the Topliffes, the Rileys as well

Came in quite early among us to dwell.

And while you are with us, look in at our Hall,

Where we hold lots of dances and a fair every fall;

It serves well its purpose, with meeting no end,

But we're Growing to Russell more funds to extend.

If you've aught that needs mending, you see Jim McFaul

In his workshop that's fixed up for jobs large and small,

'With up-to-date gadgets, lathes, motors and forge;

If you leave it with Mac, he will fix it, by George!

If you're thinking of settling and building a home,

Like Bardsley and Olson and Morley and Strome,

See Brittain and Phillips - with lumber and nails

They'll build cottage or mansion to finest details.

Of course you have noticed our neat G.P.O.,

Where Sid Jennings tends the continuous flow

Of letters and parcels with infinite pains

And each day, bar Sunday, goes to meet all the trains.

We've a right to feel proud of our fine public school,

Where our children are trained to observe every rule

Of good conduct, and fitted to make a good start

In the battle of life ere we old one depart.

Miss Greig and Miss Best direct the young mind

In problems and studies of every kind;

Mrs. Boorman tends well to her duties also,

You'll find all in order whenever you go.

The health of our pupils through the school year,

Is in capable hands, and receives every care;

Miss Snowden, R.N., makes her regular calls

In school and in homes, whatever befalls.

The Briginshaws always have taken a hand

In any good venture our citizens planned;

The Kingsburys, Darnboros, Bevans and Luff,

Whene'er help is needed, can sure do their stuff.

Ed Hutchings and Seely have here their abode,

Harry Bailey resides on the Winchester Road;

Copeland, Lewis and Philbeam are on the Highway;

Fred Gault and Tom Burgoin are on deck every day.

J. Hunt Jones is living along Shidler Lane,

The Mackies are farming Renz' former domain;

Bob Sigsworth's located near Brown's summer home,

And Slasor's determined no longer to roam.

Sam Donaby's got a nice farm near the stream,

He'll supply your requirements with butter or cream;

The Nathaniel home is on the "Braehead",

Sam Horsnell's on Russell Road, happily wed.

Gurneys, Sharkeys and Strang on the Avenue stay,

Jack Palmer and Edwards are not far away;

Tom Lamont and Steve Korsa have home 'mongst the trees

And Kidman find pleasure 'mid flowers and bees.

Bill Rowbottom left us, but didn't go far,

From Parksville quite often he comes in his car;

We've still got John Krog and Vic Pellegrini,

The Gilkins, Bill Syler and Mervyn Mawhinney.

In the "suburbs" we've settlers from different lands,

In Hilliers the Walkers, the Knotts and the Brands;

In Errington, Leffler and Roberts and Parkes,

Frank Wastian and Barlett, the Johnsons and Clarks.

Grafton Ave is the home of "Uncle" Bill Hassell,

The Morrisons, Steeds and a chap from Newcastle;

Mrs, Yirrell and George on the Ward Road reside,

Just off the Avenue, on the south side.

Grears and Busby spend most of their time on the run,

Young Johnson steps round with the 'Province' and 'Sun'

The James' have sold their nice place on the hill,

Jim Ficking is living on Station Road still.

Ralph Henderson's place on the section at Coombs

In summer's half-hid by profusion of blooms;

He's oft to be seen on the track with his men,

Maintaining the way on the branch E. and N.

Our orchards produce the finest of fruits,

We've gardens well stocked with all kinds of roots;

Plums and apples from Ford, strawberries from Reist,

You should order quite early a carload at least.

The Webers are with us, -Sinnots moved away.

We greet our new friends, but wish old one could stay;

We've got Collins and Collie, Hunt and Stonehouses too,

So why do't you settle, we've got room for you.

And if by chance Max Hungar you seek,

you'll find him perched up on the bank of the creek;

The Baileys and Terriens are on the main road,

Hleck Holland and Burleigh have here their abode.

Tom McMaster, the Marshalls, the Gregorys too,

Go to make up the number of citizens true,

And if you are Neden more names from our list

Call again some fine morning for those we have missed.

So step on the gas and toot your Van Horne,

The road to Alberni has many a turn;

Good-bye for the present, we wish you good speed

But come back for gas when your's in need.

-:Novocastrian (1938)

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