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The Union Jack

Sharon Cox-Gustavson

The Union Jack Flag of Great Britain came with the early Salvation Army settlers to the Coombs colony in 1910. I grew up with four of my siblings (Beryl, Maxine, Weston and Norma) attending the Coombs Undenominational Church’s Sunday School, Daily Vacation Bible School and Youth Group. This church was on the old Qualicum cut-off road. I always held in awe the Union Jack – representing the Salvation Army origins and symbol of the royal monarchy. The following French Creek School skipping rhyme also constantly reinforced respect for the Union Jack.
“I’m a little Girl Guide dressed in blue. Here are the actions I must do. Stand at attention, stand at ease. Bend your elbows, bend your knees. Salute the captain, bow to the Queen. Never turn your back on the Union Jack!”
If you skipped successfully through the rhyme then you had to meet the challenge of 1,2,3, hot pepper which was when the rope turned very, very fast so you had to skip super fast. It was a time to get the good skippers “out!” I loved skipping!

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