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Pekinese Dog

Liz Kroeker

‘Furby’, my little Pomeranian dog has been our therapy dog at FCCS for the past three years. The children love to take her for walks during recess and lunch, and often like to cuddle with her when they are feeling sad or worried. She has received much love at French Creek and has given it right back to all the students. The little frog in the small picture is a symbol of my work here. Frogs represent change and growth. Frogs are resilient and adaptable. Frogs are symbols of transformation. And, of course, there is always the promise of something beautiful and royal when you offer your love to a frog. I believe all children have the potential to become beautiful when we offer them our love. My room is decorated with frogs. My name is Liz Kroeker and I have been the area counsellor at French Creek for five years. (For those who forget my name I remind them to think of frogs ‘kroaking’) It has been a wonderful adventure to be part of this lovely community.

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