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Tracey Raffle

When I was in Grade 5 in Jackie Shepherd/Ward’s class we had Georgette, a female tarantula. She could still bite but had her venom removed. I don’t know how but she could still kill grasshoppers and crickets. We were shown how to hold her. She was there for many years as she was still there when my youngest sisters attended. When I think back I think that Georgette was a good class manager as when the class was loud, she would hide and Jackie would bring that to our attention. It was amazing when she shed her skin. It looked like there were two Georgettes, but one was a bit bigger than the other.
It was special for us (Tracey, Shannon, Lisa and Deanna Raffle) to attend a school that our grandparents attended in 1920s and ‘30s. Our grandparents were James and Florence Neden (nee). All their grandchildren attended the school. Some of their great grandchildren have as well. Shannon’s daughters: Serena Woolnough (K-5) and Alena Woolnough presently in Grade 3. Deanna’s daughter Avelynn Harknett will be starting kindergarten in this 100th year! Also Jim and Flo’s daughter Anne Raffle has been a TA and is present custodian at the school.

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