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Fond Memories

Howard Tyner

I have many memories of French Creek School, some of the more notable are: the uncommon resourcefulness of so many parents and their commitment to complete all tasks so thoroughly; the forthright and respectful manner in which the parents expressed their concerns; the exceptional quality of the teachers with whom I worked; how much fun we had on our camping trips to Newcastle, Denman and Hornby Islands and how the parents looked forward to going as much as the students; Grade 5 ‘graduation’ ceremony and memory books which we invented in 1982 to replace Awards Day; The Grade 1-2 concerts, that never failed to bring a tear to most eyes. More personally, teaching Math and Science, orienteering at Qualicum Rec Field, panning for gold in French Creek, lunch hour soccer, movie and pizza nights and working with Mrs Mohl for 14 years.

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