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Pet Day

Anne Raffle

There are so many memories. My Dad, Mom, 4 daughters, 2 granddaughters and one in Kindergarten in September; many nieces, nephews and relatives have all attended the school. I also worked as a Teaching Assistant and presently the school custodian. This square represents the many animals that came to school on Pet Days, 4-H Days and Community Picnics. We even had 2 dogs that came every day - Vicki Knight’s ‘Misty’ and ‘Blossom’. The horse in the square is our horse ‘Peppi’. He came for show and tell and stood on the stairs of room 7 and put his head into the classroom for the kids to pet. The dog is our little ‘Curly Joe’. Many of our 4-H chickens came. Kate Lynn Van Duin brought her cow. Dallas Neden brought in 4-H rabbits. Jackie Ward arrived with massive ‘Pig Pig’. Don Brittain brought in ducks and chickens. Don and Rose Brittain hauled in the sheep. Of course, many cats visited the classrooms, too. I know I have not put in goats or guinea pigs or hamsters but we had them all!

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