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Rose Ellen Graham

Memories – so precious, so important in my life. For myself I have the memory of going to school at FCCS, working at FCCS as school secretary, retiring from FCCS and having my son Paul Graham attend FCCS as well as my sisters Anna and Darlene, my brother James, cousins Guy, Greg and Jules Stickle, my nieces Vicki and Angela Pratt, my nephews Jules Pratt and Jess Lacroix, my great niece Dakota Pratt and great nephew Jason Pratt. Loving parents, grandparents, aunt and uncle – community and unity. In 1964 the Lacroix family moved to Coombs from Saskatchewan when dad decided to “go west young man” with his family. Arriving in Coombs, our parents purchased the old Van Horne farm on Grafton Ave. The four of us – Rose-Ellen, Darlene, Anna and James – all started at FCCS the year of the big snowfall in 1964. Power off at the school and wearing our coats for the school day was such a novelty. I sang in the choir led by Mrs Evans, had Mrs Antrim for my teacher in Grades 6 & 7 and played on the softball team. There were PTA events, assemblies, plays, Girl Guides and parades. Our cousins the Stickles moved to Station Road in 1965 and they also attended FCCS. We took the bus that Mr Stein drove from the corner of Grafton and Station. In the spring we sometimes walked to school. We learned, we grew and we founded numerous friendships that have followed us through our lives. All of us still live here and are part of the community. We are the Lacroix, Graham, Pratt, Edgar, Bambrough, Stickle and Payne families.

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