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Knights General Store

Doris Stpehens (nee Twidale)

I arrived in Coombs with my parents at the end of 1946. Though not early pioneers, Coombs had no electricity and only gravel roads. Even the highway wasn’t paved. My parents, Jack and Jessie Twidale, and Gilbert Sutcliffe bought the small store, originally Knights General Store. The store was open from 7:30 am to 9 pm, was closed on Sunday and Wednesday afternoon, but often there would be a knock at the back door for some needed article. We sold groceries, hardware, shoes, “Paris” logger’s boots, dry goods, coal oil, lamp gas, farm feed and gasoline that was pumped by hand. I remember enjoying this job. It was much more fun than the coffee bar dishes. All this was quite a challenge until the hydro came to Coombs. I was in Grade 11 so I did not attend French Creek School but have always considered Coombs my hometown.

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