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Horse Teams

Kim Brittain Basara

One of my most vivid memories of French Creek School is the house teams. I remember how fun it was lining up in our houses before school and working together for special events like Sports Day. Sports Day was the highlight of the year for me. I particularly remember racing against a long-legged friend who was much faster that I was when she was cruising towards another first place finish. At the very last moment I used my last bit of energy to burst passed her, winning my first, and only blue ribbon for running. What a day! We had some very memorable teachers while I was at French Creek School. Mrs Leary was an especially dedicated teacher. She continued to follow many of the kids after they left the school. I received notes from her each year I made Honour Roll, when I graduated from high school and even after university graduation. She was a fantastic example of dedication, excellence, warmth and fun.

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