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Hen and Clock

Vicki Knight

Coombs and country are synonymous. As the kindergarten teacher at French Creek School I was often described by colleagues as “Mother Hen and her Chicks.” Critters were in ample supply as the school, including my dogs Misty and Blossom, Alistair Burn’s lamb, Tony and Nelson Lloyd’s goat kids, Jackie Ward’s Pig Pig, Jan Graham’s and Katherine Williams’ class rabbits and even an oyster and starfish in the saltwater aquarium. That starfish opened and consumed the oyster right before my eyes, fortunately after school hours. Don and Rose Brittain frequently invited us to their farm on Winchester Road for they have wonderful children who have attended the school. Here the highlight was climbing that tall, steep ladder to the hayloft, an excellent confidence builder for my five-year-olds. Our reward was always an armful of baby chicks and kittens!

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