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Heart of the Community

Candace Morgan - retired Superintendent of Schools

What an honour to be part of the centennial celebrations for French Creek Community School. Though not the first school in our district, FCCS is the oldest one that has continually served students in our area. What are the qualities of a school that takes on the role of being the “heart of the community.” What makes French Creek so special? The answer lies in part in the individual memories collected in this quilt. The squares each represent a memory and a contribution the school has made to the community. The site of the school, along the banks of French Creek, provides a diverse environment for young learners. It is located near to community businesses and organizations and it is this interaction that breathes life into the school. I have many fond memories of FCCS both as a former superintendent of this district and as a parent of two children who attended the school. I have experienced firsthand the way that the French Creek community embraces the school and its students. There is a sense of community pride in being part of so many projects, opportunities, events and celebrations. Long before the school included “community” in its name, it very much reflected and included the community it serves. Many current students have parents and grandparents who attended the school. We celebrate the ongoing effort of a dedicated group of volunteers to gather and chronicle the history of the school and the community. Congratulations to the “Cool Creekers” – students of past and present FCCS – and the families, school staff and community on this special celebration.

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