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Everett's Blue Butterfly

Karen Strong

As a teacher at French Creek School my memories are many. One of my most special memories was the “Blue Butterfly Day.” Everett’s mother had a terminal illness and had been very sick for most of the school year. She tragically passed away in February. On a spring day a few months later we were outside for P.E. when a beautiful blue butterfly landed on Everett’s hand. He was very excited as the butterfly flitted from hand to hand. A jar was found and the butterfly spent the day with us. At the end of the school day it was time for it to be released. All the students wanted to do the releasing but I appointed Everett as the one to say this important goodbye. He gently pushed the butterfly from his hand though it seemed reluctant to leave. Finally, the butterfly flew away. In memory, I dedicate my quilt square to Everett, his Mom and the Blue Butterfly.

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