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Coombs Store

Linda Wray

My memory is of children from French Creek School coming to visit us at the Coombs General Store. My husband Gene and I would be working in the store when, once in a while, we’d get a call from the teacher to ask us if it was OK for the kids to come over for a visit. Gene was always on the till at the front to welcome everyone. The kids would come in all wide-eyed and walk around the store from the front to the back. They check out the produce, groceries and meat department. I’d be in the Post Office showing the kids what happens when someone drops a letter in the mail slot. I’d pick up the letter and put it on the counter where one of the children would be able to “cancel” the stamp with the Canada Post stamp. Our two Labrador dogs, Lannie and Kelly, were always there to give their “licks” to any child who wanted a hug. The kids would get a penny candy treat for their walk back to the school. Thanks for the visits, kids. Come back soon!

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