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Big and Little Rooms

Maxine (Cox) Heppell

John and Jessie Cox had a small dairy farm in Coombs and all six of us children (Beryl, Maxine, Weston, Sharon, Norma and Donna) went to French Creek School. Mom and Dad were involved in the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) so we knew we had to be on good behaviour at the school. The first four kids had Mrs. Armstrong (who had a dog named Bowser) to start us on the road to our education. She was the kind and loving primary teacher in the Little Room who made our first few years of school so welcoming and enjoyable. Then for our junior years we went to the Big Room with Mrs. Reddyhoff, the principal, being our teacher. She was a starchy, stern and very strict educator who was now preparing us for the real world. We were gifted with a cuddling beginning at French Creek School maturing to the reality classroom that enabled us to face future challenges. The rooms were large with big tall windows letting in lots of light and an old potbelly stove gave us warmth on the cold days. Our toilet facilities in those days were outhouses, so washing hands regularly did not happen. We girls used the facility as a retreat to get away from the boys when they teased us. There were many memories made and good friendships enjoyed going to French Creek School.

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